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By the Banks of the Roses

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Oils on birch
9 x 12 -inches (unframed)
Plein air - PIPAF 2022
Saturday, June 25, 2022

This painting is a view of the Parrsboro Harbour from Main Street where there is a parking lot, an oversized picnic table and a wood carving of an eagle. I painted it on the morning of Saturday, June 25th. The thing that attracted me to this scene on this was the quiet way the tidal harbour would fill up on a grey morning without wind -- it just sort of seeps in. Turn around and the water is high, blink and you'll see mud flats. On this day, the tide was in, only a small ripple of a wave could be seen from time to time as the water filled the area. The scene is framed by the pink and white rose bushes in the foreground.

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